Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mid Winter Roast

Got in a sweet jam up the woods this weekend with Henry and Goldie, trails are running so good, been real lucky with this weather, can't beat being able to ride trails in the Winter. Looks like the rain is back for a few days, so plenty of digging to be done. Check out the edit we put together of the afternoon.

Mid Winter Roast from Carl Cavanagh on Vimeo.

Also Goldie sent me these pic's him and Henry took on his point and shoot to post, those boys were up the woods at 8 am Saturday morning riding by 9 so keen, its so good to have two guys so keen to dig and ride trails theres not to many of them around these days. Henry and Goldie had already un-tarped, groomed and put in a load of runs by the time I got there around half 11. All good though turn up and trails are groomed and ready to roast, cheers for that boys, although I still had to pay for it, trails took me out on my first run, sliding out on the last and getting covered in mud for my troubles. Anyway I digress, boys shot these before I showed up.

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