Saturday, August 25, 2012

Got a good ride in at the new indoor today, pretty fun set-up, quite a few riders from out of town turned up for a jam, snapped a few pics of Whanganui rider Ben Roundtree and Auckland shredder Bevan Cowan, check it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

So the new indoor park in almost finished just a a few more handrails and decks to be done, was lucky enough to get a little roll yesterday, can't wait till its fully finished

 Still a box jump to build and I think theres also a foam pit going in, not my cup of tea but will help these young guys progress for sure, which is always a good thing.

Alex Cranswick, local ripper was looking quite at home, had plant over the spine.

On Scooters:

Its not BMX or Skateboarding that has got us this amazing facility, but the new craze that we all love to hate, Scooters. Theres so many of them now I can actually see this park being sustainable, now in the last few years we've all been there, you turn up at your local park for a chilled jam only to be confronted with a biblical plague of scooter kids and your chilled jam turns into a game of dodge-ems and no matter what angle you try, to teach them some park etiquette, for me anyway it just ends in me leaving. which gets me to my other point.

Yes scooters are a pain, because they're usually ridden by kids who have not yet fully grasped the rules of the play ground and one day these kids will be too old/big for a scooter, now I could be wrong here and stranger things have happened, but I'm pretty sure there won't be many 20 year old scooter riders unless they develop a larger scooter (wouldn't' it just be bmx then?) or find some sort of super alloy so scooters can handle a fully grown man can you imagine someone like Jed MIldon throwing down a huge Briflip (hows that for some lingo) and the scooter still being in one piece, not very likely.

So that means one day these kids will have to quit scootering, and those skills only really lead one direction, they'll have to get a bike I'm not saying they will all transfer to bmx but one of these kids could be the next Jed Mildon or Paul Langlands, so we might get some new killer talent out of some of these kids, we just have to bear with it for now, patience is required. Anyway thats my rant if you bothered to read it.

Just go out and ride...Or just ride some trails, don't see many scooters in the woods.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Its here...

This is pretty old news if your a Tauranga local, but for those who didn't know there is a new indoor skate park being built in the Mt, in the old Mt Action Centre. Myself and a bunch of local riders have been helping out with the build for the last few days, this is going to be a very nice park indeed.
The ramps come from the old X-Air park course so it will definitely be a nice set-up, Mark Wright (X-Air Organiser) and his team have been in town for the last few days helping put the jigsaw back together, the X-Air park was usually set up in 3 days so thats a good sign.

Heres some pics of the build.

 Apparently you need 5 containers to transport a skate park, these 5 containers have been sitting in Wellington for the last 5 years, good to see the ramps being used again.

Heaps of locals turned up to help out, good to see them so keen. How come we can't get that many riders keen to come and dig some trails?

 Bit of an organized chaos right now, worst of its done though few more days should do it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Spotted this chill edit over at the SkulleryBMXNZ Youtube channel, of ATK locals Jason Newton, Richard West and Reegan Masters. Thought it was worth a look.