Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jed dropped this edit yesterday, self filmed and self edited by himself at Taupo skatepark. Worth a look for sure.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Few pics of Jed and Nate from a jam at the trails on the weekend, jumps still not fully running won't be long though. Pics are from the first on "Down Town" straight off the roll-in, everything has been lengthened and  steepened, don't forget your A game. Props has to go out to Jed and Nate for putting shovel to dirt and getting it done.

10 Clips

Here's another 10 clips featuring local ripper, Ricard West at our local park ATK. Hopefully a few more edits to come featuring some more local shredders. Summer is definitely here! Enjoy.

10 Clips with Richard West from Carl Cavanagh on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

10 Clips

Here's a quick edit. Ten clips with Jed Mildon in Matamata who have recently upgraded their skate park, quite a fun little park. Worth a stop if your passing though.

Ten clips at Matamata skate park with Jed Mildon from Carl Cavanagh on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Got our first ride of the season on the weekend not everything is running yet, not long though. Shot this sequence of Caleb roasting the first and second. Trails are going to be good this summer...

Friday, November 30, 2012

Been pretty slack lately, heaps going on. Filmed this a few weeks back, Jed Mildon, Gypsy, Billy Clerk and Louis Bolter getting it done at Big Boys Toys on a monster of a box jump. check out the edit.

Big Boys Toys from Carl Cavanagh on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I actually spotted this a week so back and forgot to post it, so you may have already seen it. Still worth a post though, an edit featuring the one and only Whangmata, PMP and Summerhill local, Caleb Davidson riding in America, so good.

Nitro Circus Live

Just got sent though this press release, looks like Jed Mildon will be performing in Nitro Circus Live for their NZ tour. Sounds pretty sweet, good to see a kiwi in the line-up.

Jed Mildon, NZ’s triple back-flipping BMX maestro, confirmed to appear in Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Live NZ tour 2013

In 2011 he became the first person to ever pull off a triple backflip on a BMX, with the video becoming a Youtube sensation, attracting over 9 million views and now, Taupo local, Jed Mildon will be performing a host of new tricks at each stop of the 2013 Nitro Circus Live tour of New Zealand.

The tour kicks off in late January 2013, going to Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington and winds up early February (full details below).

Jed, 26, will join a crew of equally skilled and audacious performers including fellow BMX whiz, James Foster (USA), another rider who, inspired by Jed, has also mastered the triple backflip. Double front-flipping Aussie Andy Buckworth (AUS) will also be there pulling off his trademark moves.

Nitro Circus Live Tour Promoter, Michael Porra, comments, “For the 2013 NZ tour, we have assembled the strongest line-up of BMX riders we’ve ever seen. Each rider is a true innovator and who knows what new tricks they’ll come up with once they’re side-by-side and being egged on by 15,000 screaming Kiwi fans.”

As well as the NZ tour, Jed will be auditioning to take part in future Nitro Circus Live tours scheduled for Latin America, the US and Asia later in 2013.

If everything goes as we expect and Jed blows everyone’s minds, then we’ll have no choice but to offer him a spot on future tours,” says Porra.

On his inclusion in the Nitro Circus Live NZ tour, Jed says, “It’s the best opportunity being able to perform with Nitro Circus Live at home with all the crazy big jump riders. I’m so happy that I get the chance to ride. I think I’ll do some flip tail whip variations and some double flips and it would be cool to combo them too. The kiwi crowds will make us go crazy. I’m stoked.”

Also on the tour will be the crew from the hit MTV series and the 3D movie, including Erik Roner (USA), Special Greg (USA), Streetbike Tommy (USA), Gregg Godfrey (USA) & Jeremy Rawle (USA).

In FMX, 13 times X Games medallist Nate Adams (USA) and the only rider performing consistent double backflips, Cam Sinclair (AUS) will be performing, as well as multiple X Games medallists Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams (AUS), & king of the FMX whip Jarryd McNeil (AUS), Sydney X Fighters Champion Josh Sheehan (AUS), Steve Mini (AUS), and Clinton Moore (AUS).

The 2013 NZ tour follows a 14 stop, 7 country sell-out tour of Europe.

Tour schedule
Date Location Venue
Friday January 25 Dunedin Forsyth-Barr Stadium
Sunday January 27 Christchurch AMI Stadium
Saturday February 2 Auckland North Harbour Stadium
Wednesday February 6 Hamilton Waikato Stadium
Saturday February 9 Wellington Westpac Stadium

Tickets are on sale through and For all tour updates and behind the scenes content visit

For more information, high-res images or interviews with Jed Mildon, please contact Ben Rawling on or +61 424 644 518 / +61 2 9979 5322

About Nitro Circus Live
The Nitro Circus brand, founded by Travis Pastrana, Gregg Godfrey and Jeremy Rawle has enjoyed a rapid rise to global popularity, started by the innovative DVD series featuring Travis and friends performing outrageous stunts and on a range of crazy contraptions.

In 2009, they partnered with MTV to create a new smash hit TV series produced by Godfrey Entertainment and Dickhouse productions, which has aired to huge ratings in over 60 countries over two seasons.

Nitro Circus Live was created through a partnership between the creators of Nitro Circus and Australian based sports marketing & events company, Global Action Sports. The first ever tour in Australia became the highest grossing action sports show in Australian history with almost 120,000 tickets sold.

In 2011, Nitro Circus Live performed a record-breaking tour of New Zealand, which out-sold global performing acts such as AC/DC. The sold out, one-off show in Las Vegas followed in June 2011.

In 2012, Nitro Circus Live returned to Australia, and once again performed in front of over 110,000 spectators across the 5 capital cities.

Before the Australian regional tour commencing in early 2013, the Nitro Circus 3D Movie will be released across cinemas worldwide in late 2012, and the live tour will be embarking on its first ever tour of Europe, with shows across the UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Holland & The Czech Republic

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Headed down to Taupo for the weekend, to catch up with Jed and a few Taupo locals, always a good time, also C-town local Hugh Wotherspoon was in town for some shenanigans. So I shot a few pics and filmed some clips, check out the small edit I threw together. The 3rd to last clip is a good reason why you shouldn't push your luck around water.

Weekend in Taupo from Carl Cavanagh on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Got loads done up the woods this weekend. Got the seats and table finished in the hut with an interesting form of timber transport.

 Shovel storage...

Pretty slack lately first post in a while, spent the day up the woods yesterday and threw this shit time-lapse together of us buttering up the second berm on Downtown, props have to go out to Nate, Caleb and Henry for getting most of the work done on this sick berm, can't wait to ride it.

Buttering up from Carl Cavanagh on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goldie and I got loads done up the woods this weekend, Caleb was back from his travels and came down to move some clay, started changing the second landing on downtown, stepped it up up a few more feet and cut off the side to make the transfer compulsory, Also started work on a hut, just need to put the roof on and dig out the inside.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Got a sweet jam in at the indoor last night, Goldie and I had the whole place to ourselves. Heres a couple of pics I snapped of Goldie transferring from the spine to box takeoff.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012


Crazy weather today, too wet to head up the trails so we got in a jam at the indoor this afternoon, filmed a few clips and threw this edit together. Featuring some local rippers, Richard West, Scott White, Alan Murphy and Henry Harrison. Check it out

Keeping out of the rain from Carl Cavanagh on Vimeo.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hef and I got some digging in on the weekend, many barrows were carted. A few changes and dialing in going on right now. Spring is here so everything is on a mad growth spurt. Wont be long and the trees will have there leaves back.

Pikopiko, landing growth

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Got a good ride in at the new indoor today, pretty fun set-up, quite a few riders from out of town turned up for a jam, snapped a few pics of Whanganui rider Ben Roundtree and Auckland shredder Bevan Cowan, check it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

So the new indoor park in almost finished just a a few more handrails and decks to be done, was lucky enough to get a little roll yesterday, can't wait till its fully finished

 Still a box jump to build and I think theres also a foam pit going in, not my cup of tea but will help these young guys progress for sure, which is always a good thing.

Alex Cranswick, local ripper was looking quite at home, had plant over the spine.

On Scooters:

Its not BMX or Skateboarding that has got us this amazing facility, but the new craze that we all love to hate, Scooters. Theres so many of them now I can actually see this park being sustainable, now in the last few years we've all been there, you turn up at your local park for a chilled jam only to be confronted with a biblical plague of scooter kids and your chilled jam turns into a game of dodge-ems and no matter what angle you try, to teach them some park etiquette, for me anyway it just ends in me leaving. which gets me to my other point.

Yes scooters are a pain, because they're usually ridden by kids who have not yet fully grasped the rules of the play ground and one day these kids will be too old/big for a scooter, now I could be wrong here and stranger things have happened, but I'm pretty sure there won't be many 20 year old scooter riders unless they develop a larger scooter (wouldn't' it just be bmx then?) or find some sort of super alloy so scooters can handle a fully grown man can you imagine someone like Jed MIldon throwing down a huge Briflip (hows that for some lingo) and the scooter still being in one piece, not very likely.

So that means one day these kids will have to quit scootering, and those skills only really lead one direction, they'll have to get a bike I'm not saying they will all transfer to bmx but one of these kids could be the next Jed Mildon or Paul Langlands, so we might get some new killer talent out of some of these kids, we just have to bear with it for now, patience is required. Anyway thats my rant if you bothered to read it.

Just go out and ride...Or just ride some trails, don't see many scooters in the woods.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Its here...

This is pretty old news if your a Tauranga local, but for those who didn't know there is a new indoor skate park being built in the Mt, in the old Mt Action Centre. Myself and a bunch of local riders have been helping out with the build for the last few days, this is going to be a very nice park indeed.
The ramps come from the old X-Air park course so it will definitely be a nice set-up, Mark Wright (X-Air Organiser) and his team have been in town for the last few days helping put the jigsaw back together, the X-Air park was usually set up in 3 days so thats a good sign.

Heres some pics of the build.

 Apparently you need 5 containers to transport a skate park, these 5 containers have been sitting in Wellington for the last 5 years, good to see the ramps being used again.

Heaps of locals turned up to help out, good to see them so keen. How come we can't get that many riders keen to come and dig some trails?

 Bit of an organized chaos right now, worst of its done though few more days should do it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Spotted this chill edit over at the SkulleryBMXNZ Youtube channel, of ATK locals Jason Newton, Richard West and Reegan Masters. Thought it was worth a look.

Monday, July 30, 2012

From the Archives

So haven't been shooting much lately so thought I'd post some more pic's from my archives, freshly scanned tonight from one of my photo albums, taken around 2000-2001 theres a couple from X-Air Hamilton in 2000 and a few of one of my old trails spots, 17th Ave Tauranga.

Steve Mc Cann, huge transfer from the quarter to flat-bank, this was huge and he throws in an unturndown for good measure. Photo by Warren Fryer.

Michael Perkins, another ripper from Australia, flip X on dirt. Pretty sure he did a quad barspin on park that year also. Photo by Warren Fryer.

These last pic's are of an old trail spot that Tim and Adam Shackleford, Leif Nicol and I built in Tauranga on 17th Ave, we used to ride that place every day, location was so good close to home, town etc, no trees though so that was a let down, still, gotta make do with what you got. By the time the council moved us we had 15 or so jumps with a roll-in built out of pallets. We also had Tim who was one of the most motivated diggers I've ever met, I think he might even give old mate Caleb a run for his money, anyway a few pic's of Tim and myself doing a few stunts. Photo's by Adam Shackleford.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Local shredder Scott White sent me though a link to the SkulleryBMXNZ Youtube channel he's been working on, head over and check it out, loads of footage of the 17th Ave and Tauranga locals.

Heres a short edit of local Alan Murphy from the channel.

Looking good Scott, keep pumping out the edits.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mid Winter Roast

Got in a sweet jam up the woods this weekend with Henry and Goldie, trails are running so good, been real lucky with this weather, can't beat being able to ride trails in the Winter. Looks like the rain is back for a few days, so plenty of digging to be done. Check out the edit we put together of the afternoon.

Mid Winter Roast from Carl Cavanagh on Vimeo.

Also Goldie sent me these pic's him and Henry took on his point and shoot to post, those boys were up the woods at 8 am Saturday morning riding by 9 so keen, its so good to have two guys so keen to dig and ride trails theres not to many of them around these days. Henry and Goldie had already un-tarped, groomed and put in a load of runs by the time I got there around half 11. All good though turn up and trails are groomed and ready to roast, cheers for that boys, although I still had to pay for it, trails took me out on my first run, sliding out on the last and getting covered in mud for my troubles. Anyway I digress, boys shot these before I showed up.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spent a bit of time up the woods this weekend, getting it done, no riding to be done you always dig more than you roast. And winter is the best time to dig! Few pic's for you to check out.