Sunday, May 29, 2011

Open your eye's

One of the most incredible moments of BMX history, went down in Taupo this weekend.
Jed Mildon with a world first, Triple Backflip!!!
Congratulations Jed, all that hard work has paid off.......Legend

Amazing!!! he got it first go!!

And Jake Prebble, aka Gypsie throws down another world first (pretty sure, correct me if I'm wrong), the Gypsie-Bus...... Indian Frontflip. Not bad for his second ever attempt at a frontflip.

The set-up

This is for you Mark! Handplant on the Taupo spine at the jam the next day.

And once again Taupo comes though with another good weekend,
check out the official Unit

also the official Unit web edit here

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Times in Taupo...

So, I've been in Taupo for the last few days helping out Jed build some ramps for his comp on Saturday 28th of May (next weekend) in Spa Park called, "Unit T3 Mindtricks", with a park jam on Sunday. It is going to be incredible, and Taupo never fails for a good time, so come and check it out, bring your bike and some beers, you might even get to witness a world first or two. Either way it going to be....
Can't show you any pic's of the ramp, you have to see it for yourself

Yes, we needed a crane.

Few pic's from one of NZ's best parks....Taupo
Mark, Bench Hop

Jed, 270

Nipple's are just fun even if their made from concrete.
Jed, T-Bog

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Jed Mildon sent me though some info for the new Pilgrim Unit frames....They look pretty nice

"The new Pilgrim Unit Frames are here in NZ ready for sale! so far this white one I have been riding feels sick! half link shorter on the back end but the control feels good and tricks like flatys, kick outs, 360s and tailwhips are heaps easyer coz of the lower angles of the frame. it has a mellow head tube so kinda makes the frame feel as big as my last even though its half link shorter back end! So far the strength test is 100%! This is the perfect all round frame I have raw, white and black. 20.5 20.8 and 21..

Jed has a few more frames for sale $400 each which is a pretty good price, contact Jed for more info,

Friday, May 6, 2011


Heres a few shots I took on a street ride the other night with a few of the Tauranga crew, Allan, Simon and Scott.

Allan, hitting the wall

Simon, rail hop

Allan, on one of my favorite spots, TGA roundabout

Heres a pic I snapped a few weeks ago at the Anzac dawn service, Mt MAunganui