Friday, December 27, 2013

Skullery Street Jam

Here's a flyer for an event early next year in Tauranga, should be a good day. Check out the face book page here for more details.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

NZ Allstars

Here's the flyer for the NZ Allstars event happening at Baypark in the Mount on the 18th and 19th Jan 2014, with qualifying on Friday the 17th. More info on the facebook page here.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Been helping out the Patch locals building a new landing, this is a pretty epic landing can't wait to ride it. Loads of barrows. Photos by Matt Langlands.
Hugh was so overwhelmed with excitement, he was flipping out. Salmon flip.

Cheers Matt.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Joe & Cams Style&Flow birthday freestyle bmx jam

Mikie Reid sent me though this link to an edit of the recent jam in Taupo a few weekends back. Check it out.

Joe & Cams Style&Flow birthday freestyle bmx jam from Dare Devils All Day. on Vimeo.

"BMX Event: Joe & Cams birthday freestyle bmx jam.
Description: Style & flow Freestyle bmx Jam to celebrate Joe Simpsons 21st and Cam's 18th Birthday.
Crazy bicycle stunts like Joe Simpson Decade Airs, Joel McDowell Tailwhip to barspin,Billy Clerke Tuck no-Hander backflip, Michael Reid first double superman and Hugh Wotherspoon boosting half pipe airs and tricks.
Getto crate fly out comp and half pipe park cranking good day.
(not in film) complemented with a swim at the hot cold river and raging night at the Irish Pub with 2dollar double browns all night good times.
Location: Taupo NewZealand.
Camera: Kodak Play sport on tripod and handheld.
Filmed & edited by Michael Reid Films.
Date: November 2013.
Featured Riders: Joe Simpson,Billy Clerke,Hugh Wotherspoon,Joel McDowell,Michael Reid,Jon Riddle and more Kiwi freestyle riders."

Cheers Mikie.