Monday, July 30, 2012

From the Archives

So haven't been shooting much lately so thought I'd post some more pic's from my archives, freshly scanned tonight from one of my photo albums, taken around 2000-2001 theres a couple from X-Air Hamilton in 2000 and a few of one of my old trails spots, 17th Ave Tauranga.

Steve Mc Cann, huge transfer from the quarter to flat-bank, this was huge and he throws in an unturndown for good measure. Photo by Warren Fryer.

Michael Perkins, another ripper from Australia, flip X on dirt. Pretty sure he did a quad barspin on park that year also. Photo by Warren Fryer.

These last pic's are of an old trail spot that Tim and Adam Shackleford, Leif Nicol and I built in Tauranga on 17th Ave, we used to ride that place every day, location was so good close to home, town etc, no trees though so that was a let down, still, gotta make do with what you got. By the time the council moved us we had 15 or so jumps with a roll-in built out of pallets. We also had Tim who was one of the most motivated diggers I've ever met, I think he might even give old mate Caleb a run for his money, anyway a few pic's of Tim and myself doing a few stunts. Photo's by Adam Shackleford.


  1. shot to carlos for blasting tobaggans and un turndowns way back then as he does now

    1. Old skool days man. good times. Just next to where we had the route PJK jam all those years ago. marv!