Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If you've known me for a while you'll know I once had an indoor ramp setup called Shed Seven, well now I've sold all the ramps (well more like 1 ramp) to a local rider, Adam Rae. So we've started re-building it in his backyard, stage one build the mini, stage two add the bowl corners and the hip. Here's some pic's of the progress so far.

Stage one underway, stage two when we get more piles in the ground

If you've never rode this ramp before, you will want too.

Headed up the woods today for a dig with Henry, no leaves left on the trees winter is well and truly here.

Couple of pic's of my new ride! Pilgrim Unit.

Pancake sticker..... send me an email if you want a few (stickers that is) and I'll sent you some.

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  1. RAD!! best ramp ever as judged in an official PYCC survey!! worth a trip to tauranga every time! BOTTOM.