Friday, February 4, 2011

Tie ya dog's up

Traveled to Wellington last weekend for the forth round of the NZ dirt serie's, check out the placing's here .
Hugh Wotherspoon's been working real hard lately, and he did a good job on the jump's and the whole day really, the jump's looked really nice and the weather just held out. On a side note watched Anthem 2, quite possibly the best bmx dvd ever made and arguably the best sound track ever!

Billy, no-hander

Jed, t-down

Had a ride at Pukerua Bay Skate park on Sunday, then got taken to a sweet trail's spot, the "Burrow" these trails are well established and there's a couple of solid line's, cheer's Phil and Kieran for hooking us up much appreciated.

Langlands winding the window's down,

His second attempt was better,

Hugh, one-handed seat grab turnbar

Don't know what this is, but you may have invented a new trick Hugh.

Sweet 270 by langlands

Tire grab

Phil nice table,
it's always good to check out a different set of trail's, full prop's to the digger's good to see the trail scene is still strong in NZ.

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