Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A mixed bag

So, its been a good summer so far plenty of riding has been going down, well for some anyway, Trails decided they would take there toll, so a few weeks off the bike for me, should of listened to my mother "remember to keep your hands on the handle bars".

Couple of old friends were passing though the other day, Paul Needham and Doug so I met them at the trails so they could have a ride and I could get some pic's.

Doug with a casual one-hander.

Needham X'd up

Paul, busting one of his classic supermans, still ripping.

Last weekend we were supposed to be heading over to Ragland for a dirt comp at Manuka Valley jump park, but the weather was not in our favor. So we decided to head to Hamilton anyway to maybe, get some street shots. Got one good shot of Jed on a ledge in Waikato Uni.

Off to Wellington this weekend for the 4th round of the NZ Dirt Series, should be a good one.

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