Saturday, January 6, 2018

2017 Jedi jam

Been a while since the last Jedi jam, so its good to have this event back again. Always a good time in Taupo. Props to Jed Mildon and Tane Lawless for organising and running this event again. Personal highlight for me was the 20+ rider train on the dirt jumps in spa park.

Managed to shoot a bunch of photos, enjoy.

Billy Clerk, flip no hander

Billy Clerk, no hand one foot

George Bolter

George Bolter

Hugh Wotherspoon, no foot can

Hugh Wotherspoon

Jaye Riddle, loopback

Joe Simpson

Join Riddle, text book 3 table

Jon Riddle, Tuck

Langers, Stretching

Liam Marshall

Logan Hall, stomping flips on the big box

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