Tuesday, November 5, 2013

From the archives

 Found some old pic's, these where shot by Nigel "Nizz" Humffreys around 2007 I think.

These first 2 are from Jeremy Jefferies backyard in Tauranga, the warrior with a whip and yours truly with a superman, pretty sure my brake cable snapped on that jump and had to ghosty off the next berm, and my bike ended up at the top of a neighbours tree. Fun jumps for sure
These next 2 are on a road trip to Wellington for X Air. Yogy kissing the tire and me with a fufanu on Alisters back.


Chillin at the local, ATK.

These next few are from the NZ dirt nationals at Blake park Mt Maunganui, first 2 are Paul Langlands with a T-down and one handed no foot can.
Butcher.......no comment

Judges, Pete Langdon, Grant Adams and Carl Cavanagh

 Jed, massive whip

This last one an old pic of Summerhill trails, Nizz was one of the founding members of Summerhill and got me amped on digging there, alot has changed now.

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