Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not from the archives

First post for a while, been so busy/slack on it. Although I should have more regular content now Summer is upon us and there will be plenty of shredding to be done.

I managed to catch up with a NZ BMX legend, Grub. If you don't know Grub, he was one of the top riders around, and has the ability to make anythng funny, never a dull moment thats for sure.

Grub was one of my biggest influences on riding when I was growing up (still haven't really, just thought I'd add that before you thought it) so it was good to catch up. He has recently bought a new bike so we headed down to our old local the infamous "Melville Bowl" for a carve. Couldn't help myself and had to film a few clips, theres a few tricks in there you may not have seen before including Grubs signature stunt the "no-footed half-bar". Check it out.

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