Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Three years

This post was meant to be live yeaterday but things conspired and uploading issues can arise.
So I started this blog as a place I could post some of the pictures I am constantly taking, as I've always carried a camera and always try and aquire any other pic's other people may take, so in consequence I have a plethoria of photo's that I could bore you with for hours.
That been said, it's three years since my first post. So I thought I'd so somthing different with a "Photo of the day"  every day for the month of April, so check back tomorrow for the next photo.
Photos will be a mix of some off my favorite pic's some previosly posted and some unseen gems from deep within my archives.
Todays "Photo of the day" is'nt really a photo but a small clip, one my first posts, never fails to make me laugh.
The two rider's are Paul Needham and Jason Harris riding in a Haro demo in Whanganui
in 1999- 2000 (I think)
I was a nana and refused to ride because it had just been pissing down with rain so I filmed,
wet grass, wet ramp, no barriers, bmxer's and loads of kids equals madness......


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