Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From the Archives

These pic's were taken in 2002, digital cameras were pretty new then, you were pretty flash if you had one, a decent one anyway. We managed to acquire one to take photos of our travels with Haro and Vodafone, these are some of them.
Not sure on photo credits, could of been anyone.

Tim Shackleford, at Putararu bowl. Tim had style flowing out his ears, and one of the most motivated diggers I've ever met, its so daunting starting a new set of trails but not for Tim he proved that to me (sadly) on more than one occasion.

Pretty sure nac nac's were illegal back then, seem to be pretty fashionalble these days. Digger with a classic on the old Victoria park box.

NZ bmx legend Phil Irwin on his and another NZ legend Mario Petkovic's backyard mini, real nice ramp. Hard to beat a good backyard mini, other than some good trails in the woods of course.

 Josh Harrington, at a Haro show in Wellington.

Another show in Aotea Square Auckland, Paul Needham and just out of frame another bmx legend, the mighty "Grub" twin fast plants.