Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NZ Dirt Series round 3 Pmpathon

Unfortunatly due the the bad weather on Saturday the final round of the NZ Dirt Series had to be postponed, incredibly the next day (Sunday) was amazing so we made the most of it and held the jam then. The day ended up just a chilled out jam with the riders voting for their favorites at the end of the day. The riding was sick, no surprises who took the days honors, Paul Langlands came out on top with Josh de Reus in a close second and lewis jones in third. Was a pretty chill afternoon in the woods, just how a day at the trails should be.

As for the over all Dirt Series champion, no surprises there either, notching up 3 solid wins, Paul Langlands. Pauls riding has been so solid this summer, winning everything!! And Hugh Wotherspoon followed closely by Josh de Reus. Josh has stepped it up this summer one to watch for sure.

C-Town shutting it down 1st 2nd 3rd

A big thanks goes out to anyone who helped make this series happen and the riders who showed up and killed it every time.

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