Monday, December 12, 2011


Had a sweet weekend up the trails, all lines are running for the first round of the dirt series this weekend. Snapped a few shots of a jam on Sat few riders from out of town showed up keen as to help and ride, cheers heaps, can never be too many people on shovels,

Gypsie, 360

Cooper, T-down

Jon Riddle ripps, he threw down on Sat, be one to watch for sure.

Our new water supply, these 2 tanks are filled from a 15000 litre tank at the top of the hill, big thanks to Yogi for sorting the water out and setting it all up, legend.

New downhill pump track, super fun and super fast. Open day this weekend, there will be a low-key 2 cross race after the jam on Saturday, info on the day.


  1. the pump tracks looking DIALLED!!!

  2. How are we looking for this weekend? not too much rain?