Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update from Jed

Here's an update from Jed on his journeys. Cheers Jed.

The past two weeks have been fun and productive. There was a video clip shoot for Chris Gentry at Stephen Murrays house a couple weeks ago. Other than that Luke and I have been jamming the yard and the new line the past week. Heres a photo of the Ute I got, a firework display at The Compound on July 4th and a Red Hawk, theres a nest of them close by and they learn to fly in the yard its cool. There was one of them the other morning eating a rat of the top of the big trick landing.

The Is What It Is Jam is set for next weekend 16th July in the back yard. Looks sick Vans and Pro Tech are sponsoring it so it looks like it will be some fun times! The weekend after is 1st round of Dew Tour Park in Beach City Merylands on the East Coast. So ill have some news for you all soon.

Thanks heaps,

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