Friday, May 20, 2011

Times in Taupo...

So, I've been in Taupo for the last few days helping out Jed build some ramps for his comp on Saturday 28th of May (next weekend) in Spa Park called, "Unit T3 Mindtricks", with a park jam on Sunday. It is going to be incredible, and Taupo never fails for a good time, so come and check it out, bring your bike and some beers, you might even get to witness a world first or two. Either way it going to be....
Can't show you any pic's of the ramp, you have to see it for yourself

Yes, we needed a crane.

Few pic's from one of NZ's best parks....Taupo
Mark, Bench Hop

Jed, 270

Nipple's are just fun even if their made from concrete.
Jed, T-Bog

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