Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From the archive

Haven't been shooting much lately, so thought I'd post some old skool pics.

Jason Harris, footjam, before they were fashionable.

The Legend himself Grub, to fakie.

Greeny, tiretap barspin.

Warren G Fryer, when he wasn't doing the thankless job of managing the team he would have a roll with us

Bit of a poo stance X by yours truly, taken at the 2nd X-Air by Clint Millar

Paul Needham, Canadian on my old backyard Mini.
Front brakes even!!

Stefan, tree ride Melville bowl Hamilton.

Pretty sure this pic was on the cover of NZ's only BMX mag (so far) Deadsailor. James "Marv" Martin, roof gap TGA

T White at Barrys point rd Trails, those jumps used to blow my mind. Photo by Warren Fryer

Tim Shackleford, at our old local trails on 17th Ave TGA

Needham boosting, before BDO had a brain freeze and took the vert away, that was always one of the best shows of the year.

Chis Fell, another BDO. What ever happened to this guy, I'd like to know....
He was very good, crazy to watch but very good.


  1. Awesome pics man, bring back alot of memories. I grew up riding with Paul Needham and Stretch back in the day in new plymouth. Chris Fell was fuckin amazing back then too, if anyone has more pics id love to see em.

  2. haha i know chris