Sunday, December 5, 2010

Round 2

Round 2 of the NZ Dirt Series at the Royals in Cambridge on the weekend, didn't get to many photo's, hard to take pic's and sort out 30 rider's at the same time. All in all was a good day all round, with some amazing riding going down. check out for all the placings.

Kane 3 whip

Bevan clicking a turndown

As for the after party well that was at Pauls house as we established in the morning, it's not in the middle of nowhere, more on the edge of nowhere. Either way its a sweet pad with a nice little mini ramp, and no one to moan about how much niose you make.......
Salmon! Salmon! Salmon!

Hugh with some sort of lawnmower can thingy

Hugh boosting a huge t-bog

This brings new meaning to Jed Jam. Kane did land this took them a few goes though

Joe just chillin fakie

Kane stalling

And the man himself, Langlands catwalking on home turf.

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