Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fire and Dirt...

Couldn't make it to EDH jam this year which kinda sucked, but made up for it. Had the sweetest weekend, amazing weather, good friends, blowing things up and of course BMX.
Henry got back from the states after him and Caleb spent 6 weeks staying with the pawoods boys so he was pretty amped to see the trails running. Also plenty of storys to be told.
Henry......story telling

"Look....I've been to pa, thats not how you do it!"

Trails are running so good just about finished a new transfer line should be running in a week.
Few pic's of Goldie ripping. Yeah boi you ripped it up today brother.

Baypark speedway

Beer, Fire and fireworks just mix so good. So we headed on down the beach by my house stoked up a fire and made some noise.

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