Wednesday, April 21, 2010


first post wooo..........I went to Whangamata a few weeks ago for a jam at the skatepark and Paul Langlands showed up (random), so we had a jam he was shredding a hip in the old skool bowl so I took a few pics

Then Paul says he wants to flip out of the bowl, cool so I thought I'd get a sequence (which I stuffed up) but when I got home and had a look there was a spec on one of the frames which I thought was dust until I looked at the next frame and it had moved (quite far in 1/4 of a second).
Don't Know what they are, there pretty far away and out of focus but have a look see what you think...

in the first frame there are 3 objects in a row


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  1. Bro thats hard core shit,prob could make some coin with those bey!!